Heat, Montreal QC
Michael Bardier

Lush is such a loaded word, musically. Depending who you’re talking to, the word can elicit euphoric praise for the mid-90s English band that managed to bridge both shoegaze and Britpop with aplomb, or it could summon forth a diatribe against an overused descriptor for densely layered instrumentation and excessive studio tinkering.

This post is not about the band Lush (who announced last week they were breaking up again), but one could connect the musical dots from their canon through to the spiralling guitar work of Montreal’s Heat. Pitched perfectly between pop and post-punk, their song “Lush” lets listeners slip comfortably into its groove. There’s solace inside Heat’s reverberating sound. “Lush” is a musical cocoon, nurturing musical earworms and catchy hooks that burst from their shell and take flight on multi-hued wings.

Loaded with atmosphere and attitude, “Lush” is destined to elicit ravenous praise for Heat, and set expectations high for their debut album, Overnight (due out early in 2017).

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Wolf Saga, Toronto, ON
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