“Fuck Around Phase” 

The first time I wrote about Brighid Fry’s music was in 2017 when she was “under 16” and a member of Kingdom of Birds. The next time was later that same year when Fry and collaborator Pascale Padilla started playing together as Moscow Apartment, a name they eventually dropped in favour of Housewife. Now in her 20s and well-established as singer, songwriter and performer, Fry is marking another new beginning of sorts, as Housewife is now a solo project with the release of “Fuck Around Phase.”

Accompanied by fierce, effervescent guitars, Fry sings about “making up for all [their] lost mistakes” and breaking as many hearts as possible in a single night. At the heart of the song, though, we learn that Fry recently had hers broken: “Last year I wasn’t like this / Lost my balance and I fell hard / Wish I could blame it all on the circus / But you’re the only clown that gave me scars.” Amidst all the revelry and rabble-rousing, this verse reveals the depth of Fry’s songwriting ability and the self-awareness of a seasoned performer. 

If I could go back in time, I would be damn sure to allow myself to have a fuck around phase as liberating as the one Housewife describes. But only if I could be as mindful and present as Fry is about the circumstances spurring good-time me to indulge in all that life has to offer. “Fuck Around Phase” is fun without being frivolous, deep without depravity, and highly musical and mature all at the same time.

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