Sylo Nozra

Ah, summer. A time when seemingly everybody you know is in love and traveling the world and you are sitting on your couch in front of a fan thinking about (but not doing anything about) your crush and wondering if you can eat ice cream for dinner again.

Toronto vocalist and producer Sylo Nozra’s new track “FOMO” sizzles with sadness — the single’s artwork even shows Nozra with a single tear glistening on his cheek. But this made-for-summer bop also shakes you, temporarily, out of your melancholy. On this quick two-minute tune, Nozra pairs deep pining — “I try harder than your boyfriend does / but you will never know, it’s a lonely feeling,” he repeats — with funky instrumentals that beg to be danced to.

It’s an incredibly catchy song but just like that, it’s over, and you’re back sitting on your couch beside an empty ice cream carton.

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