Everything Is Geometry
“Screens and Me #2”

Everything Is Geometry, Fredericton NB
Jennifer Sorochan Jennifer Sorochan

Drowning on dry land is possible. I see it every day, the glazed eyes of innocent souls overtaken by the information undertow. Disorientated, panic-stricken, in those last seconds before succumbing to the inevitable, they’ll flail about in a desperate plea for rescue. It’s usually too late; helpless bystanders aren’t equipped with the right tools to pull them to safety.

When technology and information threaten to take you under for the third time, you need massive hooks, the kind Fredericton’s Everything Is Geometry wield on “Screens and Me #2”, to keep you afloat. Buoyant and bubbly, the Vancouver ex-pats waste no time and energy; they say their piece and make their case in less than two minutes. An abrupt ending drops you with a thud on solid ground, a little dizzy and maybe sweaty. Another successful search and rescue mission notch on Everything Is Geometry’s belt.

J Blissette, Alberta
J Blissette
“Love Letter”
Loscil, Monument Builders
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