Fanny Price
“Ends So Soon”

Every once in a while I need a reminder that social media and the internet don’t always hold all the answers I’m looking for. Try Googling “Fanny Price” and you’ll undoubtedly get the hits about Jane Austen’s famous heroine, but there’ll be nothing on that first page of results that will point you to the intoxicating and haunting Canadian singer-songwriter using the same name. Our Fanny Price has been subtly releasing mesmerizing singles on Hamilton’s Other Songs Records for a while now. “Ends So Soon” is her latest, co-produced by Price and label-mate/label founder Scott Orr.

 “Ends So Soon” is soothing like the soft rush of warm air at the tail end of summer. It’s both full of memories and swelling with anticipation for the seasons’ next go-round. It reveals very little about Fanny Price aside from the fact that she’s comfortable letting the song’s delicate melody speak for itself. Unadorned yet full of nuance and detail, “Ends So Soon” is the kind of song that will immediately inspire rabid fascination and a need to find out everything you can about Fanny Price. She’s smart not to offer up all the answers just yet; what makes “Ends So Soon” so alluring and intriguing is its blank slate, ready to absorb and reflect back on you every dream and idea you project upon it.

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