Alanna Matty
“End Up Alone”

Alanna Matty

Alanna Matty‘s “End Up Alone” is a slow-burn beauty that curls around you like a haze of cigarette smoke. Known for her soft acoustic style, Matty has taken a more soulful turn on “End Up Alone.” The result is hypnotic. Her silky voice and the achingly simple arrangement pull you in close for an intimate portrait of loneliness and hurt.

She explains, “At a certain point in relationships you reach a crossroads where you have to decide if you’re going to commit long-term, or split, and this explores that feeling when you realize that maybe you don’t feel the same about that person anymore.”

Fans of Lorde and Fiona Apple will enjoy sinking their teeth into this moody track, written late at night and best enjoyed after dark.

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