Esther Hazy

Don’t be fooled by the drowsy folk of “Eggs” from Montreal’s Esther Hazy. Beneath its weepy veneer lies an enduring soul and sunny disposition. Amid the guitar jangles and angelic harmonizing by Ed Denton and Paul Lucyk, “Eggs” overcomes all the tough breaks and turns of bad luck Esther Hazy have experienced with an attitude that suggests they are the kind of band that takes its lumps and carries on. That conviction is communicated in lyrics like “I still mean the words I said/In all the prayers I’ve spoken/I fold my hands and eat my bread/But all my eggs are broken”, but you truly feel it in the bones of the music. In the broken down, rough-around-the-edges playing. Like a paper towel hastily torn off the roll to act as a makeshift tissue, Esther Hazy’s sound is the soothing balm that helps take the sting out of their bitter words.

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