Tolu OP

When I was young, I was fascinated by astronomy solely because of its storytelling aspect. Every constellation had some sort of tale woven into its fabric across the night sky.

Nigerian-born, Toronto-based artist BiddySings invites us to take a deeper glimpse into that same sky in his latest song. “E.T.” creates a compelling dynamic between the singer and his lover that, like most love stories, involves romance, passion, and time apart.

The song’s instrumentation parallels the atmosphere created by BiddySings’s lyrics; synth-based structures give “E.T.” an appropriate out-of-this-world feeling while simultaneously grounding the song with Afrobeat percussion. Its soulful melodies make “E.T.” an infectious and catchy track.

Everything about the song is futuristic, right down to the half-human, half-alien figure staring intently at the listener from the cover art. The Lost Wanderer sends his love song into space in a sincere ode, inviting us into a deeply personal glimpse of another part of the universe. It sets BiddySings and his lover in a tapestry among Vega and Altair; among Perseus and Andromeda.