Paragon Cause
“Drop Me In”

“Drop Me In” by Ottawa/Gatineau duo Paragon Cause is a sunny synth-pop confection that invites you to hop in the car, roll down the windows, and head to the beach.

The song rides an effortless ebb and flow. The playful guitar riff and dry bass drum set the tone, while a jangly tambourine adds a touch of whimsy in the second verse. Michelle VonKheul’s sweet voice rings out like a bell across the waves of this easy groove, and a handful of floating harmonies shine through like the sun peeking through the clouds.

The lyrics are spare, with turns of phrase that land in unexpected places (“Don’t be scared, I was scared once. Don’t be scared, you didn’t care once too.”) and idea fragments that leave us the luxury of filling in the blanks (“Drop me in, I can go anywhere. Drop me in, I can pull too.”) Phrases are repeated to great effect – built and shaped with layers of vocal harmonies – resulting in a gauzy haze that belies the deeper-than-expected subject matter.

There is a painterly touch to “Drop Me In”; the listener is shown a composition of light and dark and she gets to decide what it all means. Paragon Cause’s bio states “The duo is known for their penchant to lean into the darkness, exploring every corner of a darkened room.” “Drop Me In”, by contrast, glints like the sun-kissed crest of a wave.

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