Most singers have a line about how or when they “found” their voice. Usually, it sounds like some miraculous religious experience, where suddenly, the singer feels the voice they’ve always searched for strike them out of nowhere. It’s a lightning strike. It’s the opposite of an exorcism. An infection. I have been a singer my whole life, and I’ve waited for this miracle of fate and possible devil-dealing to sting my vocal chords and make it all clear. I gotta say, I’m not sure it’s coming for this guy, but I’m certain it happens.

I wonder when Bria Salmena of FRIGS realized she could roar. Did it freak her out? Did she lean into it? I imagine the band that flanks her, stunned. It’s not often a band with the ferocity of FRIGS seems poised to make it in Canada and beyond, especially with a singer as dynamic and frothing as Salmana. “Doghead” gives us a sense of what FRIGS can do; hypnotic repetition, refreshing and tasteful loud-quiet dynamics, a band fighting to keep up with the incredible voice that leads them. In just two minutes, we get hints of the tension and chemistry FRIGS wields and a brilliant teaser for what is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated records of the coming year.

Under Our Beds
The Fight Within