Sylo Nozra
“Desire (feat. Goldchain)”

Josh McKenna

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m being pulled every which way by the modern R&B renaissance. There are plenty of artists that deserve our collective attention, but if I were to choose one at this specific moment, it would be Toronto-based Sylo Nozra.

“Desire” appears on his latest release, Fervor. Along with producer Goldchain, Sylo Nozra brings us on a journey of temptation and the potential folly that lies in all of us: “Like a burning wildfire / chasing up a ghost in my own mind…missing one foot gonna nosedive”. The strong lyrics are backed up by a salty-sweet, atmospheric beat created by Goldchain that perfectly fits the environment they create: a neon sign surrounded by steam from a manhole in a back alley in Tokyo.

Muted guitar riffs provide the rhythmic backing for the minimalist percussion. Sylo’s vocals pair with the production flourishes to create a strong pulse that persists throughout the entire track. The melody is performed as well as it could be to fit the entire dynamic of the song. You can truly hear the yearning – the persistent want – in Sylo’s delivery.

Always evolving as musicians, both Goldchain and Sylo Nozra are artists to look for in 2018. We can hope that these two collaborate more in the future, as they have been excellent so far.

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