Ora Cogan

Mona li Alzghoul

The unmistakable sound of crickets chirping at sunset is the male’s way of calling to potential lovers as dusk grows darker. It’s a love song in a way. Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist Ora Cogan has named an entire album after these musical insects, and she’s laced the title track with traces of their longing for connection. Sleigh bells subtly chime throughout “Crickets” with persistence and tenacity as Cogan’s voice conjures that mystical moment between light and dark when magic can happen. She layers the song with earthen textures: a soft, loamy rhythmic base; warm strings enveloping the air like a low-hanging mist; moonlight bouncing and refracting off every surface. Ora Cogan performs with urgency, not in tempo, but in tone. Like the creatures it’s named after, “Crickets” calls into the wilds of nature with a yearning to find another soul, a kindred spirit. If you’re quiet, if you’re mind and body are still, you’ll hear the connection being made, when two hearts become one.

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