Charlotte Day Wilson, Find You

Based solely on population, it’s no surprise Toronto is the biggest hit factory in the nation. Hell, it is currently one of the most happening pop music cities in the world. Drake’s VIEWS is the biggest “selling” album of the streaming era, and Justin Bieber and the Weeknd are not far behind him on the master list of world-class pop performers. When there’s a concentration of industry-defining artists in one place, like there is in Toronto now, the anticipation of finding the next big one among fans and industry people alike is palpable. There is one artist hanging in the smog-like expectation ether who seems almost guaranteed to become an international sensation as well as a local legend – oh, and she has four songs on her SoundCloud.

Charlotte Day Wilson releases her debut EP, CDW, at the end of the month but we already have a few samples (and a feature on BADBADNOTGOOD’s IV)  to warm our souls before the whole project drops.

“Find You,” in particular, shows off all of her strengths as an artist. A deep, slow groove anchors the track as minimalist keys float in and around the perfect pocket. The instruments remain relatively subdued even when they open up to make way for the Space Jam Soundtrack worthy chorus. This leaves Wilson with plenty of room to wreck us all with her stunning voice; layered, confident and undeniably powerful. 

Mark my words, Charlotte Day Wilson will be the next big breakout star out of Canada and it is exciting being in on the secret before the rest of the world figures it out. “Find You”, as well as “Work”, are amongst the best debut tracks you’re likely hear this year, and CDW can simply not arrive soon enough.

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Clara Engel
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