Century Palm
“Reset Reaction”

Century Palm
Rico Moran

Your worst enemy is often your own mind. With all the vigor and aggression of marauding Vikings, anxiety and fear have the potential to attack your thoughts, conquer your better judgement, and leave you disoriented from the assault.

Century Palm’s Andrew Payne has been in the thick of such a battle and persevered so that he could tell his story. The agitated melodic angles and stuttering rhythms of “Reset Reaction” twitch and spasm like a bout of St. Vitus’ Dance. Poisoned by “toxic thoughts,” Century Palm’s tension-filled post punk/new wave triggers incompatible neurons to fire and form foreign synapses. Mind and body are no longer communicating and connecting as they should; the call is coming from inside the house.

Payne and Century Palm know a reprieve is coming— a period when the chaos settles and normalcy returns before the cycle inevitably starts again. What they don’t know, and will never know, is when the next anxiety siege will occur and for how long it will last. The band play “Reset Reaction” like seasoned warriors who know full well that the only way to get through a paralyzing anxiety attack is to ride it out. They know the drill and know that this is not a practice run; it’s the real deal.

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