Bruce Peninsula
"Don’t Wake the Giant"

Every fire starts with a spark, every mountain from a grain of sand. From docile slumber, Bruce Peninsula stirs, wiping sleep from their eyes and sounding their Southern gothic yawp through the airwaves to a world that’s so sorely missed them.

“Don’t Wake the Giant” summons all Bruce Peninsula’s collective might into a bellowing barnstormer of a song. No one stomps, struts and shakes the very marrow of your bones in quite the same way as the Toronto based collective. They’ve got us right where they want us, hypnotized by Misha Bower’s vocal prowess and rendered powerless by the slamming rhythm.

Relentless, revolution-stirring, required listening.

Royal Canoe, Winnipeg MB
Royal Canoe
"Living a Lie"
Kestrels, Halifax NS
"No Alternative"