Bobby Uzóma

Bobby Uzoma, Alone

Though Calgary can claim Bobby Uzóma as its native son, a voice as crystalline and pure as his can’t be contained by any borders. He is a meticulous songwriter and performer whose output, although limited, has been stellar.

Uzóma recently set up shop in Toronto, where he’s been working on a new EP. On his latest song, “Alone”, his timbre quivers with emotion. From verse to chorus and back again, Uzóma swings from heartache to resignation, always with steadfast determination. “Alone”, like his previous work, is built from simple elements, but has a rich and deep emotional life. Just how he is able to ride such an intense rollercoaster of feelings and come out unscathed remains a mystery. The song’s minimalist arrangement is a perfect fit for Uzóma’s voice. With each successive release, it’s clear that Uzóma’s style–basic beats, sparse rhythm–belies the true depth of his creativity and skill.

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