Marc-Étienne Mongrain

Montreal’s Martine Groulx, aka Camaromance, is here for a good time and a long time with her latest single, “Audrey”. The good time comes from the song’s narrative arc, about the possibilities ahead for a group of friends out for a night out on the town. The long time comes in the eight-year gestation between “Audrey” and Camaromance’s last album, a period where Groulx found herself facing a series of losses that eventually invigorated her to start songwriting again.

It’s too easy to let a series of small setbacks and disappointments pile up and become something greater than the sum of its wholes. I’ve been watching it happen to someone very close to me. I’ve witnessed this person’s self-confidence evaporate into thin air with each complication. It’s disheartening to be privy to another person’s series of misfortunes, especially when the only thing you can offer them is empathy and a non-judgmental ear to listen.

There’s hope in hearing Camaromance’s haunting yet optimistic tone on “Audrey”. With time, patience, and an open mind, we can all find our way back from our darkest, most desolate days to hopeful nights full of potential. Like the group of friends Martine Groulx sings of, we may not find the answer’s to all our life’s problems, but we may just find that those problems won’t seem quite so imposing for a few hours.

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Fig. 4: Molt, Rebirth
J Blissette
J Blissette
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