A Tribe Called Red
"R.E.D. (feat. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear)"


A Tribe Called Red say anyone who shares their vision of “inclusivity, empathy and acceptance amongst all races and genders in the name of social justice,” and believe that “indigenous people need to define their identity on their own terms” is already part of the Halluci Nation.  For some, the notion of owning your own identity is just human nature. Defining oneself is as obvious to existing as breathing is to sustaining life. It’s mind-boggling that for so many of our brothers and sisters in the Halluci Nation, systematic oppression, cultural genocide, and blatant racism has all but wiped the concept of self-determination out of their collective consciousness. So many are denied our very birthright as human beings. And so many of us have stood by and watched it happen without so much as batting an eye.

But eyes are opening. Minds are waking. Nations are rising, and rising again. A Tribe Called Red is wiping away borders, dismantling  barriers that have stood between justice and ignorance for generations, and signing up recruits to the Halluci Nation. “R.E.D.” is spun from the indigenous tradition of oral storytelling, expounding the narrative. Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def)  and Narcy trade verses and rhymes, recounting the rise of a global force, champions of justice and honour, and reclaiming independence, identity and respect from the clutches of those who would see it burned and buried.

Sharing an ideal seems woefully inadequate in making a difference after years of pain and oppression, but this world’s story is an  epic one. It did not start with colonization. It doesn’t have to end there, either. Our world started with a lone atom that went in search of others. Together, these various atoms, driven by similar forces, bonded, built connections and wove together to form a universal fabric. Along the way, the tapestry has been tattered and torn, but we have the tools to mend it and make it whole once more.

Apt Twenty One
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