“99 Freestyle”

Nick S

“An ode to the good weather and good times we have; those passed and those to come”. 

I wish I could take the credit for that description of B1GJuice’s “99 Freestyle”, but the Toronto-born, Brampton-based rapper said it better than I ever could. While not ground-breaking by any means, the single is exactly that — a fun track to add to the carefree soundtrack of your summer. The track’s musical arrangement, with its muted pads and bouncy percussion, is the perfect easy-going backdrop for B1GJuice’s melodic vocals to shine. 

Is “99 Freestyle” going to blow up the charts or be the recipient of hip-hop’s second Pulitzer Prize? Probably not. Still, it’s a notable sign of what B1GJuice is capable of. He has already shown us his darker side with tracks like “Chandeliers” & “JUICE”, and to see him lean into a more fun persona is promising. With even tighter production and more biting lyrics, B1GJuice could be one solid EP away from joining the ever-growing list of rising Ontario rappers.

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