“Sad Girls Club”

Vancouver-based trio I M U R is setting themselves up for a show-stopping album release. My Molecules is out this June, and to build up the hype, they have released their second music video entitled “Sad Girls Club,” a song that grapples with mental health awareness.

Mikey J Blige and Amine Bouzaher’s audio engineering has a dark atmosphere, and vocalist Jenny Lea’s lyrical composition is distinctly disarming as she delivers with absolute transparency. The gloomy mood of the music triggers intense feelings of introversion in me. The vocal mix creates chaotic energy, which resonates with my own encounters with mental illness. The video makes me feel rooted in the truth that I am not alone in my struggles with mental health.

Lea admits in her lyrics that in the midst of her personal chaos, she might even lie to the people she needs most: “I could tell you lies… truth is in my eyes.” This excerpt feels very relatable, as it points to the importance of being attentive to a loved one’s body language — and not just their spoken language — in times of need. In fact, this allusion to the truth being displayed in someone’s facial expressions could point to the primary intention of this release as an artistic channelling of negative feelings and the importance of finding outlets other than spoken words. With their ability to channel negative sentiments in a multi-sensory form, I M U R is keenly reaching out to their audience with genuine, vulnerable content, hoping to inspire other unsettled individuals to push forward, searching for personal growth and mental clarity.

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