Old Man Canyon 
So Long Babylon 

Nettwerk • 2023

With its lush landscapes and laid-back melodies, So Long Babylon is a perfect sonic daydream.

I do not believe in coincidences. Say what you will about timing, but there is something uncanny about events aligning themselves in inexplicable ways, especially considering recent events in my life. Just after completing the novel A Brief History of Seven Killings (set in “Babylon,” aka Jamaica), Old Man Canyon dropped his latest EP, So Long Babylon. The music video that set the stage for its release, “What’s Even Real Anymore,” shot on 35mm, mirrored the 35mm film I impulsively developed after months of procrastination. Heightening the cosmic alignment, the music video blended natural scenery with computer animation—fitting after recently watching the film Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which also combined stop motion animation with real-life footage. It felt like it had all been orchestrated.

With these serendipitous events falling into place, it was no surprise that I found immense joy in the EP. So Long Babylon is a hypnotic journey through mesmeric reverbs and soul-stirring vocals. The album’s allure is in its dreamy landscapes, paired with intricate melodies, creating a rich and immersive atmosphere that feels like sinking into a daydream. The pleasantly lethargic songs flow seamlessly without tension and offer a mesmerizing listen from start to finish.

The album has a hazy, hypnotic quality like it is breaking apart and melting into itself. While nothing forcefully comes to focus, Jett Pace’s vocals stand out, guiding the listener into dreamland and urging them to fall into the music’s embrace.

Despite my initial surprise at the album’s short length after what felt like an entire afternoon wrapped in the album’s embrace, it became clear that Old Man Canyon’s ability to create a sense of timelessness was a testament to the depth and richness of So Long Babylon.

It may be so long for now, but I can not wait to go back.

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