No Tourists
Ultraviolet EP

Independent • 2021

Toronto hip-hop collective No Tourists brings so much dynamism to their creations that it’s impossible not to be moved. 

The pure energy brought by No Tourists is difficult to put into words, but their music is so easy to love. While I’m trying to tame my excitement long enough to form sentences, Ultraviolet is awakening and entertaining my brain in so many different ways simultaneously with that special kind of collaborative magic. The Toronto hip-hop collective brings so much dynamism to their creations that it’s impossible not to be moved. 

Their sound is diverse yet cohesive, felt in the variation of voices, digital instruments, rhythms, and paces throughout the album. I can only assume it’s their group dynamic that makes each of these songs so infectiously catchy while simultaneously breaking expectations. Their sound is danceable and ambient, an exploration of feelings that is both exciting and strangely comforting.

The more I listen, the more I discover, and the closer I get to that adolescent wonder of discovering sounds I’ve never heard before. A lot of music makes you feel something, but Ultraviolet is music that makes you feel alive. There’s so much going on — prominent basslines, dramatic horn melodies, smooth vocal runs — and yet they manage to make it all sound streamlined. What could easily be run-of-the-mill beats become animated with all these contending vibes.  

How No Tourists managed to conjure this level of hype in times when the world is in such disarray, I have no idea, but I am grateful and inspired. As someone who gravitates toward sad songs that “get me,” the sheer joy in Ultraviolet is exactly what I needed to feel more human again.

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