Xe Park
“No Love”

Xe Park emerges with her debut single “No Love” when the world needs it most. From Toronto, the independent artist and producer writes from a place of personal growth beyond an environment of toxicity. “No Love” makes space for getting “caught up with life and its moments” and prioritizing personal wellbeing when faced with the “bad intentions” of others. 

Dropping fire lines like: “One too many heavy floaters ‘round my chest plate” Xe Park ignites the metaphysical connection between external influences and internal regulations, and the disparity when those aren’t working in tandem towards a common goal. The lyrics work “through the good and the bad times,” landing on the overarching message that to get to the gold, sometimes you have to give more to yourself than others have given you: “You called quits on such a good vibe, I’m such a good vibe.”

Through thoughtful lyrics and a sonic instinct well beyond her professional experience, Xe Park eases those social pressure points that interfere with our best intentions. Laying melodic vocals over a bass-heavy beat, Xe Park explores the intersections of alternative R&B, hip-hop, and pop; the result is a smooth fusion of related styles. 

Breaking out from the limitations that surround independent artists, Xe Park’s debut is exactly the demonstration of artistry that the industry needs, utilizing her skill as a producer to uphold a personal yet relatable truth. With another single, “PRESSURE”, out as of August 28th, Xe Park is well on the radar for up-and-coming musical artists of the year.