“Naked in Toronto”

It’s clear from their new video for the song “Naked in Toronto” that Glutenhead has an incredible long game. You’d have to have the patience of rock to work on a project like this over eighteen months from 2019 to 2020 and not want to rush it out into the world. In the words of Glutenhead’s Benjamin Shapiro, the “Naked in Toronto” video “serves as a time capsule, a window, an attempt to bottle wild-eyed energy of our friends during that special time in our lives. It is a product of community collaboration, with many furiously creative people in the Toronto art scene that we spent our pre-pandemic days with contributing in some way.”

The song itself is part of Glutenhead’s self-titled EP, initially released in July 2020, and features Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco on trumpet. Like the video, Glutenhead the EP feels like it’s pulling from a diverse cross-section of influences, sounds, and styles, coming together to mark a moment in time that’s unburdened by a need to be easily filed away under any one category. Fans of lo-fi indie slacker rock and psychedelic punk-pop experimentation alike will find a feast for the senses in its courses.

All proceeds from the sale of Glutenhead will go to Nia Centre for the Arts, a Toronto-based organization that supports, showcases and promotes Black art from across the Afro-Diaspora who are building Canada’s first professional multi-disciplinary centre for African-Canadian art.

Chad VanGaalen
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