Wanderlust II

Independent • 2022

The rooms and spaces MAYSUN conjures feel full, vivid, and alive with possibility.

Sometimes at night, just after I’ve gotten into bed, I remember that I have forgotten to take my contact lenses out. Too tired (but more likely too lazy) to get up and turn on the lights, I take them out right there sitting at the side of the bed. And when I do, there’s always a brief moment when everything goes from being dim yet sharply defined objects in the dark to fuzzy indistinct forms that blur together into unidentifiable masses in the gloaming.

I get a similar sensation when listening to Wanderlust II, the moody and pensive collection of ambient sketches from MAYSUN. Recorded between January and December 2021, MAYSUN describes Wanderlust II as a continuum of previous releases: “The intent was to merge previous works the same way memories condense themselves after time.” Compositions like “The Branches, The Wind And The Rain” and “Out Of Your Depth” layer samples in a way that suggests shifting forms and space. There’s a disorientating sensation on “The Area Of Force And Time” that feels like the track is about to burst with rhythm and melody but then mutates into an amorphous collage that barely rises above a whisper.  

I find it compelling that an album with such minimal textures feels so expressive and alive. There’s more to feel on Wanderlust II than there is to hear. Still, just like my darkened bedroom without the benefit of contacts or eyeglasses, the rooms and spaces MAYSUN conjures feel full, vivid, and alive with possibility.

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