Checkmate EP

In MAGELLA’s own words, Checkmate was “borne of many pent-up emotions.”

The only time MAGELLA is shy on her EP Checkmate is with her tracklisting: asterisks in for letters on the EP’s third song, politely entitled “F*** **y.” But within the standout track, the Montreal-based singer-songwriter and DJ is precise in her takedown of stupid fuck boys: she is unflinching and refuses to play their mindgames. “I see through you,” she asserts. Checkmate, indeed.

In MAGELLA’s own words, Checkmate was “borne of many pent-up emotions.” Like on “F*** **y,” MAGELLA’s strength and candidness extends to the EP’s remaining songs, and they are unwavering as she navigates the oftentimes murky waters of relationships — romantic or otherwise. The duplicitousness of Neptune — astrology believers will know this well — has MAGELLA grappling with her spiralling thoughts on “Neptune”, but her feet remain planted on the ground. She offers herself comfort and love after the end of a friendship (“Dirty Ice”), and on “Black Widow,” it seems like this ex-friend returns for a second act, poised to bite, but MAGELLA continues to stand strong. 

Checkmate occupies various sonic worlds — pop, jazz, and electronic, most prominently. The songs, like MAGELLA, move freely between textures and moods, mimicking the ebb and flow of the journey towards loving yourself.

Cadence Weapon
Parallel World