Light Conductor 
Sequence Two

Constellation Records • 2021

Never ones to mess with an alchemic formula, the Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek and Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay return for a second, solid outing as Light Conductor.

Why fix something that isn’t broken? Especially when that something is the alchemic formula that brought together the Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek and Young Galaxy’s Stephen Ramsay as Light Conductor. In 2019, Lasek and Ramsay blended their two musical pedigrees on Sequence One, an ambient album of long-form instrumentals and slow-burning landscapes of modular synths. On the fittingly monikered Sequence Two, the duo once again immerses listeners in their intensely hypnotic and brilliantly variegated pools of cosmic light. 

Opening number “Splitting Light” is the fourteen-minute mind-melter that launches Light Conductor’s latest mission. As its length suggests, “Splitting Light” is in no hurry to hit its zenith. The effect is spectacular when it reaches its apex — a kaleidoscopic chorus of interconnected laser-guided melodies. Lasek and Ramsay bookend Sequence Two with a radio edit of the song that cuts to the chase in five-and-a-half minutes, but the appeal of  “Splitting Light” is not the destination so much as the journey. “The Rooms Are Turning Inside Out,” “Pyramids in Slow Motion,” and “Life Under a Double Sun” are less dramatic but just as hypnotic, each a textured, alien world landscape in its own right.

While Sequence Two doesn’t move the needle far from where its predecessor left off, Light Conductor is still light years away from your traditional ambient space-rock outfit. Lasek and Ramsay bridge their two respective musical universes in a way that defies categorization and description. Light Conductor is a posture, an attitude, a state of mind in its own right. Pulsating and highly unpredictable, Sequence Two is an other-worldly delight.

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