“Just Like Heaven” 

Independent • 2022

There is an art to covering a song well, and London, Ontario-based MVLL CRIMES have mastered it with their version of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” In MVLL CRIMES’ hands, the song truly comes alive. The dreaminess of the original remains but comes with a definite edge. Guitars are brighter, drums hit harder, the bass is deeper, and the vocals are talk-sung with power that evolves into a deep longing in the third verse. The result is a punked-up version of the song that sounds much more vibrant than the original. MVLL CRIMES urge you to get into the pit and dance along, which I can assure you is “Just Like Heaven”. 

A live version of MVLL CRIMES’ “Bootlicker’s Delight Reprisvl” backs up the cover, which was recorded at the Sugar Shack by Kyle Ashbourne. If you thought the song kicked ass on their 2022 EP, YOU EMBVRRVSS ME, just wait until you hear this version. The raw, furious energy of MVLL CRIMES washes over you in just over two minutes in a flurry of gloriously fuzzy guitars and bass, delightful drums that blend post-punk and hardcore punk elements, and fierce vocals. If you listen to this single and don’t come away needing to see MVLL CRIMES live, I don’t know what to tell you.

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