OK Naledi 
“Go Slow”

This is the time of year when life starts moving pretty fast for me. From Monday to Friday, I’ve hardly got more than a minute between meetings, planning sessions, and deadlines to catch my breath, let alone search out new music or peruse my ever-filling inbox for my next musical crush. Once the weather breaks, the weekends won’t be much better, but for now, I’m carving out precious time whenever I can to slow down, take a break, and catch my breath.

Thank you, OK Naledi, for reminding me to take off the blinders, take the foot off the gas, and take a good look around at what’s happening in the present. On their Bandcamp page, Naledi describes their debut single “Go Slow” as “a romantic exploration of what could have been.” It’s all that and then some. The song starts with a pair of rapid-fire verses delivered with smooth poise before settling into a seductive groove that’s meditative and controlled. “Go Slow” is the kind of song you want to take your time savouring. Naledi’s musical choices are impeccable: soft pads, delicate percussions, a barely-there rhythm section coalesce around their liquid delivery.

I can’t help but slow my breathing and settle my racing thoughts when I put on “Go Slow.” Whether through my headphones, in my car, or even just the memory of the song running through my mind, hearing OK Naledi reminds me to settle in and savour the present, even if it’s for just three minutes at a time.

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