Kurits Watson

It’s coming. Be patient. You’ll know it’s imminent at the moment you feel like all your efforts are wasted, and your positivity level is at its all-time low for the third time in a week. That’s when your second wave — the good kind — will kick in, recharging your batteries and reminding you that it has to get dark before the light starts shining out in the distance. 

It’s that specific sensation that Toronto pop-punks Faiyaz and the Wasted Chances are channelling on their latest single, “Glow.” Faiyaz Shah says that “Without joy in our lives, it’s easy to be misguided.” So he’s built “Glow” to be a massive blinking billboard whose sole purpose (aside from making you want to move) is to point out that there’s beauty in the minutest of details and routines. The trick is to be open and willing to take notice. Even in the dead of night, stuck at a mind-melting job, or finding yourself feeling alone and forgotten in a city of millions, there’s a spark of joy just waiting to catch your eye.

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