Sounds From the Mothership

Eyeke is releasing exciting EDM from his bedroom; maybe we can all dance to it soon.

God, I miss dancing, don’t you? As the great Joni Mitchell once said, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone.” I had no idea I’d miss brushing up against sweaty bodies on the dancefloor to throbbing EDM music, but a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, with all its lockdowns and restrictions, all of that is gone. 

It’s been a tough year for EDM music. Not only is no one going out dancing, but to pour salt on the wound, the seminal electronic duo Daft Punk broke up. The genre’s influence is waning. Most people with drum machines and production software have been taking this time to produce hip-hop beats (which is great), but folks with the dream of playing colourful DJ sets at crowded clubs are out of luck.

That’s why anyone out there alone in their bedroom putting out EDM music is taking a huge risk and deserves a shout-out. Eyeke is one of the brave souls doing exactly that. Not only is he making dance music alone in his room, but he’s also starting an EDM career with his debut EP, Sounds From The Mothership. 

Eyeke has a spirit driven by retro aesthetics and nostalgia, but he’s not just nostalgic for the recent yet fading memories of modern clubs. Sounds From The Mothership is an EP with loads of old-school techno influence. Hard driving synth leads, clap samples, pulsing bass—it’s very 90s, and it’s very cool.

The songs “Orcas” and “Braindance” have a dreamy, deep-house vibe. “Atmosphere” and “Wake Up” have that delightful, repetitive techno quality. The songs “Break” and “Robot Girlfriend” are definitely the most in-your-face tracks on this release; “Break” in particular has a killer groove that makes me wish I could dance around in a space bigger than my bedroom. The EP finishes off with the more mellow, 80’s influenced track “Vista,” which uses sci-fi-like synth sounds over spacey ambience to highlight the EP’s otherworldly aesthetic.

On the one hand, it’s ironic that an artist like Eyeke is getting started in a time like this. Not being able to share his burgeoning talent at clubs must be as devastating as not being able to go out dancing to it is. On the other hand, the burning desire to release techno and electronic dance music shouldn’t be held back. Eyeke definitely isn’t holding back — Sounds From The Mothership is a very versatile EP.

When we all come clambering out of our homes, happy and vaccinated, look for Eyeke. Look for his shiny visor and listen for his retro-techno music. He’s sharpening his cyberpunk blades and honing in on his musical craft, and when we all meet in the nightclub on the other side, he just might be there.

“Paper Chasin' Freestyle,” “2:15,” “Got You”