Holy Felix 
“Eternally Bound”

Hosewater Records • 2022

Holy Felix is not subtle, and it’s kind of awesome. The reincarnation of Vancouver alt-rock artist Rabbit Hole, Holy Felix elevates his execution of a distinct and stylistically diverse sound on “Eternally Bound,” the first single from his upcoming album. There’s something metal about the choice to check all the boxes and own the confusion. “Eternally Bound” is an intro to that ownership of an equally conjured and found sound. 

“Eternally Bound” features fuzzy licks and pulsing synths that create an energetic atmosphere like the first crack of lightning in a storm. It sounds like the result of channelling raw energy, both strategic and unrefined. The distorted keys add an eerie sense of otherworldliness to the phrase: “and doesn’t everybody mean well, well alright, where’ve you been?” 

Holy Felix shows a strong ear for cross-stylistic synchronicities with the convergence of different timbres, from distorted guitar and poppy synths to the garage-rock drumbeat. Combined with Felix’s candid vocal performance and well-timed rhythmic variation, “Eternally Bound” is loud with organized chaos that promises an energized listening experience.

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