Debby Friday 

Sub Pop • 2023

Debby Friday’s full-length debut earns its all-uppercase titles right from the jump.

I can’t tell whether Debby Friday intends for the title of her debut album to be an earnest interjection, a sarcastic dismissal, or a simple noun of serendipity. Not that it matters. GOOD LUCK is all of the above and more. With all of the swagger and confidence of a Vegas high-roller, Friday rightly bets on herself to deliver a record steeped in mood and melancholy, simultaneously fierce and on fire, helmed by a master of substance and style.

Anyone familiar with Friday’s early work (EPs BITCHPUNK from 2018 and DEATH DRIVE from 2019) has already been indoctrinated to her brash, brilliant sounds: a collision of industrial goth, house beats, and high-gloss electro-pop. And yet, little in those early records prepares you for how GOOD LUCK translates Friday’s freak-outs into a massive and magnificent full-length.

Blasting off with its bombastic title track, GOOD LUCK earns its all-uppercase titles right from the jump. Volatile and voracious, Friday commits to her ringmaster role with aplomb. She gives it all she’s got, lighting fires that keep burning, smouldering, and flaring up throughout the album’s ten-song, thirty-three-minute arc. “HEARTBREAKERRR” rumbles with just the right amount of raunch and raw sensuality. Its throbbing pulse and deep swells have us all by the short-and-curlies as Friday teasingly asks, “Is it true, you like ‘em bad and blue?” Even if you don’t, you know the only acceptable answer is yes.

Through all the self-conviction, there also runs a counter-rhythm that suggests this is not the only version of Friday that she’s willing to let us see. “Oh, I’ve been a sinner / I’ve been the wrong number / I been unsafe cover,” she admits on “LET U DOWN,” picking up a thread she first starts weaving on the album’s second track (and first single), “SO HARD TO TELL.” Some might see the song’s melodic moments and burbling loops as an anomaly from the rest of GOOD LUCK. Still, it’s quite clearly the manifestation of Friday’s multifaceted musicianship and persona: “Lady Friday / All you do is rebel / Time go ‘Tick, tick, tick’ / And you just can’t help yourself / When it gets like this / Oh, it’s so hard to tell.” “SO HARD TO TELL,” like all of GOOD LUCK, makes it apparent that no matter what  time of day or day of the week you catch her on, Friday will always be her gloriously gnarly and colourfully complicated self.

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