Allegories Andrew O’Connor

There is nothing quite like the rush of an electro-pop anthem, the kind that expands to fully fill whatever space you play it in, be it your headphones, your bedroom, a dance club, or a festival field. “Constant,” the latest single from Hamilton-based duo Allegories, is just such a void-filling song. Layers of vocal modulation make it feel massive — even oppressive at some points — but “Constant” somehow always feels less in-your-face and more in-your-soul. “Constant” makes Allegories’ forthcoming sophomore record, Endless, worth the decade-plus-long wait. 

Scintillating synth melodies build outward from its opening steady beat. Rather than relying solely on repetition, Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell let the music evolve organically around the song’s central lyrical refrain. “Constant” is the kind of song that gets under your skin, a goosebump-raising electro-pop hymn that has its roots in the duo’s highly underrated work in their previous band, the Rest. The Rest were as renowned for full-on anthemic indie-rock (see 2009’s Everything All At Once) as they were for breathtaking intimate balladry (singles “John Huston” and “Always On My Mind” are enduring classics) so it’s no surprise that in resurrecting Allegories after a thirteen-year hiatus, Bentley and Mitchell are gravitating towards these big, bold, beat-driven sounds. I’m hooked.

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