And I Look To You?

Independent • 2021

The latest album from Edmonton’s Archaics mixes spacey lyrics and orchestral arrangements.

And I Look to You? is the latest album from Edmonton, AB-based band Archaics. The album mixes spacey lyrics and orchestral arrangements with a return to the sound of their previous album, Soft Focus.

The album opens with “Make It So, a serene and calming instrumental piece filled with strings and orchestral. Songs like “Shades of Blue recall more of a psychedelic rock feel before “Witness, We leads us into the second half of the album which presents us with a blend of both. “Interlude II” is a lovely instrumental intermission ahead of “Tremor in the Vine,” which definitely takes my award for best song when it comes to And I Look to You?. It’s here that Archaics comes together, creating a captivating and mysterious piece with low, solemn sounding tones, instrumentals, and vocals.

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