Yessica Woahneil
Music to bite your nails and spit them out to EP

Yessica Woahneil wants her EP, Music to bite your nails and spit them out to, to be the soundtrack to a moment. Not the soundtrack to a day or night, or a particularly lengthy dramatic spell in your life, but a moment: standing with your eyes close as the early spring sun shines on your face; making your bed; bitting your nails and spitting them out.

Despite the anxiety-ridden title, the five songs of the EP (which clock in around seven minutes total) aren’t weighty. Rather, these lo-fi songs, ranging from folky, to poppy, to electronic-y affairs, either have enough melodious hooks or are so softly delivered that they feel light. They are, after all, only meant to be present for a moment.

Born Again
The love you withhold is the pain you carry