The Lionyls
The Lionyls II

The Lionyls II is a well-produced record with punchy drums, crisp harmonies, funky guitar, and vibrant brass.

The Lionyls released their second self-titled album last year, and it’s everything anyone could have asked for. With a more sophisticated sound than their first album, the Lionyls have cultivated a unique style and solidified it on this record. It’s well-produced and full, with punchy drum beats, crisp vocal harmonies, funky guitar effects, and a vibrant brass section.

The entire album flows intuitively, with moments of energy interspersed with more relaxing sections. It starts with “Pocket” to hook the listener in with familiar sounds from their first album, including some eclectic back-up vocals in the pre-chorus. With the tone of the album set, the next few songs carry the same energy until the first Interlude. There’s a little bit of a break, and then it moves right back into the uplifting “Keep on Moving.” After that is the contrasting piece, “You Draw the Lines,” which is where the album starts to shift into something a bit more experimental. Each song from this point is unique from the first half of the album (except for “Keep Tomorrow Alive”), which is great, however, it may deter listeners who are expecting something more consistent. 

“Voice of Truth” stands out because of the vocal harmonies taking centre stage for a good portion of the song, while the lead melodies differ from what’s heard on most of the album. The second interlude feels progressive in nature, with plenty of play between the instrumentalists. It’s a savvy, well-placed ear break before the last three songs close out the album with groove. a pronounced sense of groove. And while the closer “Space Race” is a bold finish, it’s a wonder the band didn’t choose a song like “Coffee House” which would have concluded the album with the same energy with which it started. 

All questions of pacing and structure aside, The Lionyls II will be a tough act to follow and it’ll be exciting to see what the group tries next.

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