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The Jins
The Jins

The Jins

I don’t write posts with a particular theme in mind, but this week my focus appears to be on trios, and the magic that comes when three like-minded musicians gel. That would be the elevator sales pitch for Vancouver band the Jins. Roommates Jamie Warnock and Ben Larsen got the notion to put together a set of songs to perform at a Halloween party in 2014, and they went down a storm. When Hudson Partridge moved in, they found their permanent bassist and locked in on making their own brand of distorted punk-pop.

While the Jins may be a band born out of necessity, they’ve managed to become a growing concern. Their boisterous live show and semi-telepathetic connectedness on stage has become the paradigm many bands in Vancouver’s underground scene strive for. the Jins recently self-released their full length, self-titled debut, which compiles their best original material from the last three years. Though I’ve not seen them live, songs like the blistering “Give Into the Pain” and pounding “Taking Shots” suggest their songwriting ability is every bit as dialed in as their frenetic performances.

In a recent interview, the band credit their success to the fact that the three bandmates continue to live together. “Rather than building a relationship twice a week like some bands, we see each other every day,” says Partridge (who has the best bassist name in the world, IMHO), “I think it’s just made us tighter; it’s been a positive.”

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