Effervescence EP


I constantly get reminded that my bias is showing whenever I assume an artist who describes their work as “electro-” anything is making beat-driven music of the dance variety. Producer/composer/singer Selci recently shook me out of my assumptions with her debut EP, Effervescence. Heavy with aura and atmosphere, Effervescence veers through electronic landscapes with jazzy hues and broad R&B brushstrokes. “Truth in the Sea” makes the most of its minimal elements, showcasing Selci’s soulful croon and setting her words adrift on gentle synth waves. “Strangers” is skittering pop that grooves despite the absence of a traditional beat. “Eyes of Amber” puts her processed voice into an unexpected, understated ambient setting not easily explained. In fact, that’s true of the EP as a whole: Effervescence is music best understood not by being described, but by being heard.

Bridal Party
Too Much
Josh Grant
Why’d You Even Call