Sea of Lettuce
Sea of Lettuce

Sea of Lettuce capture the vibe of blurry nights and bad life decisions.


The night blends into day. The day slides into night. Floating moments. A spotted memory. Hooked on every narcotic of an organic substance. Cruising around town looking for fun-loving trouble; chasing that childhood sense of wonder.

With their self-titled album, Sea of Lettuce has captured the vibe of those blurry nights full of bad life decisions: flying about a world that is spinning, falling in love with everyone around you. The album grooves along at that out-of-your-mind frequency. It feels lucid, like lying in bed half awake, trying to grab on to pleasant, drifting thoughts.

Sea of Lettuce draws from a wide range of musical influences for an album that is made of dreamy guitar riffs with rough/smooth vocals locked in tight to the beat. The band dips a toe in the psychedelia pool, but still manage to remain firmly grounded in solid reality. It’s hard to peg Sea of Lettuce down to a specific genre; they are alternative in the fullest sense of the word. They pull from the best selection of musical ingredients, mixing them together with a gonzo sensibility to create an album that feels like the first half of Trainspotting: wild, unkempt nights of reckless abandon, without any of the negative consequences.

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