Sea Moya

Falmenta is a collaborative album made for personal musing, compiled by kindred spirits as a gift to one another.


Sea Moya let action take the lead, both in music and life. Their debut album, Falmenta, was recorded over two separate two-week chunks alone in a hut near Falmenta, Italy. Their mornings developed peacefully: brew a good cup of coffee and then off to work, detached from the normal distractions that fill most mornings.

Falmenta is a pulsating interpretation of mindfulness and solitude. At times melancholic and at others optimistically pensive, the album never strays far from the reflective collaboration between members Iven Jansen and David Schnitzler. In life, this unconscious approach to productivity led them from Germany to Montreal, a city in a country that they had never visited before. Jansen and Schnitzler’s outgoing personalities made them friends across Canada and the duo are now cementing themselves in Montreal’s underground DIY scene. Funky basslines, soaring synth-scapes and polyrhythmic Afrobeat percussion strike like a less abrasive, psychedelic Friend And Foe, from Portland darlings Menomena.

Single, “Purple Days”, embodies their approach as the song is about how a person can continue to move forward, through whichever personal obstacles are in their way. The hook sings “if you’ve ever tried to push it forward, try it backwards/free from any pointless doubts or worries, right from the start” and ends with the lines “Yeah we give a damn about our foolish expectations/finally we’re free from any useless hesitations”. Relevant to all young adults, but not an exercise which is common in practice, “Purple Days” offers an approach to living in the moment: eliminate expectations and let the results form naturally around you. Your “point-B” may be more ideal than what you could have crafted. Falmenta is a beautiful, personal album that feels entirely void of expectations.

Falmenta is the result of undeterred reflection and Sea Moya has been quick to point out the effortless nature in which it was crafted. The formula? Friends and keep your feet moving forward; if you hit a wall, start over. It’s a collaborative album made for personal musing, something that was compiled by kindred spirits as a gift to one another; the sonic representation of a group of guys that have learned to approach their lives and music one day at a time.

“Help Me Understand”