Jock Tears
Sassy Attitude

Jock Tears, Sassy Attitude

If you ask me, the world could use more sass. More of the variety Vancouver’s Jock Tears display on their EP, Sassy Attitude. The six-song EP bristles with a cheeky punk ethos and the kind of post-millennial disposition you need to have when you name a song “Kelly Kapowski”. Don’t be fooled; Jock Tears’ bite is just as big as their bark.

Lauren Ray (vocals), Lauren Smith (bass), Spencer Hargreaves (guitar), and Dustin Bromley (drums) wield their instruments like surgical tools. The know exactly how much pressure is needed for that first crucial incision. Once songs like “Coppertone Girl” and “Biggy Pop” get under your skin, they snuggle up next to your internal organs and make themselves at home.

Theirs is the kind of music that leaves you feeling different from the inside out. It’s vaguely symbiotic. As if the very act of listening to “Weekday Ghoul” will turn you into one. If you didn’t have any sass in you before you started listening to Sassy Attitude, you’ll be completely infected by its caustic coolness when it’s done.

Anna Wiebe, Guelph ON
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