Petite Papa
Fraîche heure EP

Though it clocks in at under twenty minutes, Fraîche heure, the new EP from Montréal-based outfit Petite Papa, is bursting with the freshest of beats. MCs Calamine and Sam Faye cast a hypnotic spell with their tightly paced flow. They trade rhymes and lines on “Boogie” like they’re in the midst of the most important ping-pong rally of their lives; neither one taking their eyes off the ball for a second. “Come On” drips with sensuality thanks to Kèthe Magané’s deeply seductive beats. “Top Shape” bounces with a funky old school vibe that’s catchy as all get out. Throughout Fraîche heure Magané’s beats are on point; pristine playing fields for Calamine and Faye to dance across. The three artists’ respective influences, styles, and sounds seamlessly blend together. Ultimately, what makes Fraîche heure such a standout EP is how Petite Papa collaborate — the goal isn’t to upstage anyone but rather to keep the energy going. When it comes to an eclectic blend of beats and stellar flow, Petite Papa’s Fraîche heure is in a league of its own. 

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