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Little Sprout
Little Sprout EP

Little Sprout EP

Balancing weighty, introspective lyrics with angular guitar riffs and light-as-air melodies, Vancouver trio Little Sprout isn’t afraid to make art out of non-traditional subject matter. All three members are all visual artists, too, which would explain the penchant for brightly coloured, pop culture-referencing art they employ. It’s not about downplaying or diminishing the seriousness of the themes and subject matter Little Sprout writes about; it’s all about approaching it from an honest frame of mind. Whether singing about an alien boyfriend or vomit on the carpet and drunk mothers, Little Sprout’s sound and vision complements the blend of fantasy and realism in their work.

Jon Mckiel, Sackville NB
Jon Mckiel
Kingdom of Birds EP
Kingdom of Birds
Kingdom of Birds EP
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