Fake Buildings
Primitive Advertising

The sky is shifting, and Fake Buildings are taking notice of this. They’re also dealing with the day to day difficulties of being a human. For example, missing out on a few episodes of the Democracy Now! podcast, singer/songwriter Caleb Glasser asks “Amy Goodman, what have I missed?”. What about that annoying feeling of a cheap chair digging into your spine? Or hearing your 40s coming for you, just around the corner of time. And what is time? It stretches out in expanses of nine- and 10-minute tracks off Primitive Advertising, the latest offering from the very prolific Montreal (by way of Halifax) band.

There isn’t a way to erase the memory of Montreal from your mind. I think Glasser feels that way when he sings “I dream that every building in the mile end Is bathed in waves of woven light”. What music can do is make us relive the best of life, even in difficult, uncomfortable or awkward moments. That’s why Fake Buildings feel like they’re scratching an old, satisfying itch.

Worth noting is how they bring poetry back into the fold and onto center stage. Words flow like they obey their own interior logic, their specificity at times opaque to the casual listener. But the magic of words and music play a central role in music making and culture sharing where logic doesn’t have any utility. It’s quite celebratory magic. Summer comes in waves of sunlight on Nova Scotia beaches. Fake Buildings is a beach band, for sure.

Pierre Kwenders
MAKANDA at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time