ELMS, Integrity

The latest EP from Peterborough-based ELMS provides listeners with space and emotion to get lost inside. And I highly encourage doing so.

Part from-the-heart songwriting, part bedroom angst, part crunchy and squealy electronics, ELMS delivers on a number of fronts. You may hear echoes of Owen Pallett, Trent Reznor, Soft Cell, and Joy Division. The Integrity EP is an honest shot to move your heart and make you feel something that you may have forgotten inside your deepest, most hidden parts.

The six songs – including the excellent ‘Mountains’ – see the dark-electro singer/songwriter toying with deconstructing the electronic backdrop to his vocals at times. But mostly the tracks focus on building layers of synth melodies, and these are what really let the songs fly. He plays around with the limits of his filters and devices, gifting us with unexpected sonic explorations at the tail ends of his more pop-focused songwriting. Dig in deeply to this singer, and you’ll find gothic, baroque song forms crafted with an ear for mayhem.

Broken Social Scene, Hug of Thunder
Broken Social Scene
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