Bridal Party
Negative Space

Victoria’s Bridal Party take the sting out of winter with the breezy, summer-infused sound of Negative Space.


With the stinging cold of winter slowly approaching, putting on Bridal Party’s Negative Space EP is the best way to enjoy any lasting memories of summer you have while they remain somewhat intact.

This solid five-song release by the Victoria natives starts with one hell of an opener. “Fruitless” instantly bursts wide open with surf-rock guitar, an ear-grabbing bassline, and bolt-tight drums. Within seconds of my first listen to the EP, I was struggling to stay still. The energy continues with “Makes Me Wanna”, a mellower jam that will have you swaying-back-and-forth. The opening guitar/bass riff in “Tips” gives the impression that the rest of the song will stay in the same minor key, but it transitions into a more laid back groove as it leads into the verse and chorus that again, has that easy, loose feeling that never gets old. I can’t stop imagining a mid-90s skate video during the chorus of “Tips”; I can hear the VHS crackling while friends are cruising through the streets of New York City.

Every track of Negative Space is anchored by a strong bassline that links Bridal Party’s sound together and motivates listeners to get up and get moving. Negative Space is a dancy, beach party of an album, and is summer in eighteen minutes. Dancing or not, Bridal Party makes you move in any way with their delicious pop.

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