Scratched Out

AIM LOW, Scratched Out

AIM LOW set us on an experimental ramble through dark and cavernous depths with their latest album, Scratched Out.

Our ambient journey begins with “Tacit Approval.” As we step into the track’s beguiling soundscape, reality’s concrete doors close behind us. Gradually, gentle swarms of instruments foment an obscuring cloudiness, and we are lost inside the track’s boundless electric interior. AIM LOW’s simultaneously dreamy and eerie orchestration continues to captivate us, and we are drawn deeper into Scratched Out’s enigmatic whole.

With “Low Hanging Fruit,” sonic murmurs morph into metallic growls and shrieks. Gritty noises inundate the track, creating an incredibly chaotic terrain. Yet, in the midst of the song’s raucous atmosphere, pieces of a consonant melody pierce through the clamor like specks of light in the night sky.

Lastly, “Phantom Cat” serves as our final spin through AIM LOW’s ambient realms. Static rumblings join ethereal echoes and guide us throughout the track. Peaceful waves drift in and out, heightening the album’s overall illusory feel. Nevertheless, as soon as piano chords strike, recognizable sounds return us to the confines of real life.

Unlike any fantasy or nightmare, Scratched Out lets us dive down with AIM LOW into the domains of deep space.

“How Long”