Empty Nesters 

Empty Nesters’ Eric Liao [ Stephanie Dinsdale]

This month’s PRESS PLAY featured artist is Empty Nesters.

Right off the top, we need to stress that this is no April Fool’s joke: Montreal-based lo-fi gauzy indie pop band Empty Nesters have crafted a super hardcore punk rocker for this month’s PRESS PLAY feature. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. The idea behind PRESS PLAY has always been to deliver subscribers a unique experience not available anywhere else (yet), and Empty Nesters’ Eric Liao has delivered that in spades with “Twinge.”

Friend and fellow musician Ryan Robinson says the “hard-nosed” track “[pulverizes] all in its path similarly to Bad Brains and Turnstile,” and we are in full agreement.

“I’ve always wanted to make hardcore punk music and I thought I would use this opportunity to challenge myself by recording a new song from scratch within a short period of time,” Liao explains about the song’s origin, and how the track is informing his creative process as of late. “Since [“Twinge”’s] completion, I will be working on a hardcore EP and hope to release it later this year. I was heavily inspired by Ottawa’s hardcore scene through SOTO Fest’s show (Sitting on the Outside) with bands such as Dogma, Faze, and Cell. 

“I wrote this track from scratch in a single day starting on March 2. Bass, guitar, and vocals were written and recorded within a day and then drums with my drummer, Matthew Galamaga, the day after. I then mixed and mastered the track myself.”

Empty Nesters plan to release their hardcore EP, Deaf Monks, later this year, and have a sneak peek at the EP artwork EP artwork (created by Christopher Gray https://Instagram.com/broken.b0ne) for PRESS PLAY subscribers below.

“Twinge” by Empty Nesters

“Twinge” by Empty Nesters
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