Chole Palomino 
“On the Bowery” 

Chloe Palomino [ Scott Garratt]

This month’s PRESS PLAY featured artist is Chloe Palomino.

Our PRESS PLAY featured artist this month is Chloe Palomino, the project of Victoria-based artist Deirdre Smith. Smith and her partner Scott Garratt (who records using the alias Alex Endum) release their music under the Invisible Archives banner on Bandcamp. Of the song, “On the Bowery,” Smith says:

At the moment, I am preparing to play some shows with some new musicians and thought this might be an interesting song to attempt. Alex Endum created an arrangement in order to teach it to the musicians, and I was happy with how it turned out, so thought I’d share it with DOMINIONATED.

The words are the memories of a man living on the bowery, reflecting on his time serving in war.

“On the Bowery” by Chole Palomino

“On the Bowery” by Chole Palomino
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